by Moukantahara

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For ages people of Eastern Empire lived under the rule of a single royal dynasty. Things changed not so long ago... A nameless, kithless youth kindled the fire of revolution in people's hearts and overthrew the last sultan. However, not all vicars kneeled down before their new ruler...

A new era is being ushered in,
one that offers conditions for wellbeing and prosperity.
It signified the start of a new page

Our hero has come a long way
From bottom to top
The trip was called off
He is the winner - the winner takes all

Open your eyes to see the sobering truth
I can't cease speacking these words:

Betrayal in this world suffocate us
But feeding you my blood, I was wrong
I'm supposed to be taking care of you
The eternity world stands open to view

Moral is forgotten - you buried everything
Probably you will try to kill me
Because your expectations are unjustified

Right now you behold a revelation
Open your eyes to see the sobering truth
I can't cease speacking these words:
You wrecked your mind but not my heart
You've made many mistakes - i know:
You need endless love

It's time for you to make a decision:
To live or to die

I'm true and rightful ruler
If you'll follow me
You will never be the slaves

And they will fight for her name,
Spilling blood of all who oppose her will,
And those who once boasted of their right to rule
Are forced to kneel,
Lawless will be broken,
In the name of borned in war.


released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Moukantahara Kemerovo, Russia

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